About the foundation


The Sir Graham Wylie Foundation, founded by Sir Graham Wylie is charitable foundation, with a pledge that 100% of all donations will go to charity. The Foundation is one of a rare few charities anywhere in the world to hand 100% of donations to deserving causes. This is because Graham will be meeting all running, staff and administration costs.

“While I’ve been heavily involved in the past in raising money for, and donating to, charities across the region, the aim of the Graham Wylie Foundation is to create a new way of giving, which will benefit children in our region for generation after generation after generation. From the launch, we have been able to give grants to fund equipment, buildings, staff and assets, which will benefit groups of children or young people and which will continue to do so well into the future.” – Sir Graham Wylie

Our Ethos


The Foundation extends a helping hand to the children and young people in the North East.


Education is at the core of transformation. The Foundation aims to empower young minds by supporting educational endeavours.


The Foundation aspires to ignite inspiration. By championing causes, supporting youth groups, and promoting creativity, it encourages young people to dream big and reach their full potential.

Why we are here

In 2016 , Sir Graham established Sir Graham Wylie Foundation with a mission to support underprivileged and vulnerable young people in the North East of England. What sets this foundation apart is its unwavering commitment: 100% of all donations go directly to charity. Few charities worldwide can claim such a remarkable feat. 

“I was brought up in the North East. It’s where I set up business, it’s where I live and it’s where I’m bringing up my own children, so it’s incredibly important to me to launch this Foundation, enabling me to give back to the region in a very significant way.”

The Handprint

The Foundation’s logo, a powerful symbol, intertwines Graham’s own handprint with a Sage leaf. The lines of the leaf merge seamlessly into the lines of the hand, representing the helping hand of Sage. This emblem encapsulates the spirit of collaboration, compassion, and impact. 



While he has always been charitable, two milestone events in Graham’s life encouraged him to take fundraising much more seriously, giving him an understanding of the difference he could make to the North East. Firstly, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2000. Fortunately, the disease was caught early and he has now been given the all clear. In 2010, one of Graham’s twin girls with his wife Andrea needed open heart surgery as soon as she was born. Kiera is now a happy, healthy little girl, running around with her sister Zhara and enjoying school.

To thank the medical staff who saved his daughter’s life, Graham became patron of the Children’s Heart Unit Foundation (CHUF), bringing on board his friends and fellow Geordies Ant and Dec, and Alan Shearer, and carrying out extensive fundraising activities.

Now, Graham will further step up his efforts to give back to the North East community, by helping to provide assets and services that will improve the lives of vulnerable children and young people across the region.

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