• March 25, 2024

Celebrating the Sixth Anniversary of the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre

Celebrating the Sixth Anniversary of the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre

Celebrating the Sixth Anniversary of the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre 1024 892 Sir Graham Wylie Foundation

Six years ago, a beacon of hope and transformation was ignited in the heart of Newcastle. The Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre, a testament to the power of music, was opened by renowned musicians Sting and the Kaiser Chiefs. This remarkable institution, funded by the Sir Graham Wylie Foundation, has since been a catalyst for positive change in the North East, harnessing the universal language of music to touch countless lives.

The Centre has garnered widespread acclaim and support over the years. Esteemed personalities like Sting have commended its efforts, with the centre’s influence even reached the red carpet opening night of Sting’s musical ‘The Last Ship’, with footage being shared by Look North (BBC). Its impact has also been amplified through collaborations with music legends like Raymond Weil.


As we commemorate the Centre’s sixth anniversary, we reflect on the remarkable achievements it has made possible. The Centre has been instrumental in enriching lives through music therapy, a fact evident in the numerous heartwarming stories

“Music therapy has raised M’s self-esteem immensely: she’s given choices, which is something children with disabilities don’t often have. M loves music therapy, a sense of calm comes over her when she’s on her way to music. It gives her an escape from the realities of her disabilities.” 

At the Sir Graham Wylie Foundation, we take immense pride in the role your generous donations have played in this journey. The Foundation, committed to ensuring that 100% of all donations go directly to deserving causes, has been able to make a significant difference in the lives of people in the North East through the Centre.

As we look forward to many more years of this fruitful partnership, we invite you to join us in celebrating the power of music and the difference it can make in our lives.

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