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Nordoff Robbins has made a commitment to increasing access to our life-changing music therapy services across the UK.

As part of our expansion plans the North East has been identified as the first major region for us to develop our services and we are delighted that as part of that we will work in partnership with the Graham Wylie Foundation to deliver music therapy in Newcastle.

With the support of the Graham Wylie Foundation we have two key priorities.

1. We want to train more music therapists from Newcastle and the surrounding areas to gain a Nordoff Robbins “Masters in Music therapy” and

2. We want to support the most vulnerable and isolated who could benefit from our life-changing music therapy.

The Graham Wylie Foundation has already provided us with a centre which will be able to support both the training and delivery. Through the foundations generosity this new Nordoff Robbins music therapy centre will be housed in the Matron’s Lodge, at the ‘Fleming Business Centre ’site.

In the first instance our focus will be on music therapy delivery, this will take place at the new centre (which we anticipate will open in October 2016) and through our delivery partnerships. These partnerships are forming thick and fast and to date we are now delivering music therapy at:

  • Percy Hedley School ( Primary site)
  • Dryden School, Gateshead
  • Royal Victoria Infirmary, Great Northern Children’s Hospital, Newcastle ( Oncology Ward)
  • Hadrians School, Newcastle
  • We also have an MMT student placement at Hill Top School, Gateshead

Whilst we wait for our centre to open plesea do contact our music services team on 020 7267 4496 or if you have any enquires.

By 2020, with the help and support of the Graham Wylie Foundation, we hope that our centre will be supporting people six days a week and we are also able to deliver music therapy

  • In most of the special schools across Newcastle
  • In key health partnerships and
  • By training local people to become music therapists, this will create new jobs and will help us to meet the ever increasing demand for music therapy

*In Scotland we deliver in partnership with Nordoff Robbins Scotland

Julie Whelan CEO, Nordoff Robbins

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Graham Wylie Foundation and believe we will be able to support many children and families across Newcastle who can benefit from music therapy. The centre provided by the Graham Wylie Foundation will become a hub of support reaching out to those who are most vulnerable and in need of support.

Teacher from the Percy Hedley School

“I have not heard him vocalise this much in the whole time I have known him, as he has in the last 25 mins”

“Thank you so much for letting me watch your session with J, I can see he get so much out of your sessions and it’s so lovely to see him relaxed and enjoying himself.”

Parents of patients at RVI

“Music therapy is the only time she really engages with anything. It’s great to see her enjoying herself”

“Why can’t you be here every day? The children need this!”

“You would not think there was anything wrong with him looking at the way he was banging on that drum! It’s good to see him back to his old self”

Patients at RVI

“I think it’s wicked!”

“I didn’t think I could play music like this! You made me sound good!”

“I would love to be able to write music to my poetry as it’s an escapism for me”

Staff at RVI

“I think it’s really important to use music as a way of motivating the clients into being more active or awake”

“Music seems to be good for any age group, it appeals to everyone”

“They love it don’t they!”

“He was getting really upset, so I promised him he could have music therapy after his operation, this cheered him up.”

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